SEPL People

Principal Investigator

 Jenny McGuire

Jenny became an Assistant Professor at Georgia Tech in August 2017. She uses both modern and paleontological specimens to identify how populations, species, and communities have responded to past climate change. Her goal is to identify strategies to conserve as much biodiversity as possible given rapidly shifting climates. She received her PhD from the Dept. of Integrative Biology at UC-Berkeley, and did postdoctoral research at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center and at the University of Washington.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Yue Wang

Yue joins the lab in September 2017 to work on an NSF funded project that examines the idea of climate resilience on the landscape. Yue has expertise in fossil pollen data and quantitative community analyses. She received her PhD from the University of Wisconsin- Madison.

Graduate Students

Jennifer Iacono

Jennifer started working in SEPL via Fossil Wednesdays in August 2016. She is working on her MS in Biology with a focus on animal behavior and conservation and is conducting her research at Zoo Atlanta. With a passion for all animals, living and fossilized, she hopes to one day work for a zoo or conservation fund in order to help save endangered species. Jennifer graduated from Clemson University in May 2016 with a BS in Anthropology. She is jointly advised by Drs. McGuire and Goodisman.

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SEPL is looking for excellent PhD students. If you are interested in becoming a part of this growing group, please look through our "Opportunities" page and contact Jenny.

Lab Technicians

Rukumani Rimal

Ruku Rimal has been a lab technician in SEPL since October 2017. She is completing her MS in Geosciences at Georgia State University and she has a MS from Tribhuvan University, Nepal in Environmental Sciences. She will be developing a GIS library and data management plan for SEPL while working on a project to examine the carrying capacity of gorillas given global change predictions at Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.


Aaron Woodruff

Aaron Woodruff has been a lab technician in SEPL since August 2016. He is passionate about megafauna ecology during the Cenozoic and has a blog in which he writes about various animals from this time period. He is also a paleo-artist. In SEPL, he has been identifying and cataloging microfauna specimens from Natural Trap Cave. Aaron received his M.S. from ETSU.

Undergraduate Researchers

Joe Miles

Joe is in his final semester at Georgia Tech, and he has just begun to work in SEPL. He is screenwashing and picking fossils from Natural Trap Cave to use for radiocarbon dating. Together, we will have incredible time resolution of the stratigraphy in the cave!


 Riannon Colton

Riannon is a 4th year EAS major working on a research project where she assesses how intraspecific variation in voles (Microtus) changed at Natural Trap Cave from 20,000 years ago until 3,000 years ago. In her spare time, she is a passionate caver and SCUBA diver.

Former undergraduates:

Daniel Do & Renee Bach (CoC)

Amanda Meadows, Molly Guthrie, Victoria Contreras, Morgan Ganues, Tong Yu, Alissa Schlossberg (SoBS)

Matthew Torres & Simone Siriani (Georgia State)

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