The Wildlife Society

Jenny presented research on climate connectivity at the Wildlife Society conference in Albuquerque, NM. Her presentation was part of a symposium entitled “Conserving Nature’s Stages and Helping Wildlife Move Between Them” organized by Mark Anderson (The Nature Conservancy) & Paul Beier (Northern Arizona University).

NTC Taphonomy!

How did so many small mammal, lizard, bird, & fish bones get concentrated at Natural Trap Cave?!? Aaron has already databased >16,000 bones & teeth!!! The answer, it seems, is that packrats gather bones from the surface around the cave entrance, and then stash them in their nests along the inner rim of the cave.

BEE Inspired REU

This summer Jenny  teamed up with Dr. Bistra Dilkina  to co-mentored an REU student through the BEE Inspired Program. Heather Strathearn, from Purdue University, conducted research related to species dispersal rates. She explored when and where species dispersal rates limit species’ abilities to track to new suitable habitats as a result of climate change. In 2016, BEE

Jenny being interviewed by PBS Wyoming

Natural Trap Cave 2017

July 8-19, Jenny & Aaron experienced their last year of fieldwork at Natural Trap Cave for the foreseeable future. Jenny spent 7 consecutive days in the cave, and was extremely productive. She analyzed and mapped the stratigraphy of the south wall of the excavation section, and sampled each strata for microfauna. She also sampled the